Symbiosis//Wonder Closing Show
4:00 PM16:00

Symbiosis//Wonder Closing Show

Join us at Resin Gallery on Saturday, April 14th from 4-9p for Symbiosis. For the first time ever, we will have two major shows happening at once. Symbiosis will run concurrently with our student show, Wonder. Symbiosis is a show meant to celebrate the beauty of mutualism through artist collaboration. In addition to incredible art, we will have a live music, refreshments, and food. Please feel free to share this with your friends and family!

Sponsors: Gerry Vasquez, Uncorked, Manhattan Repro, Dr. Robb Farms

Showing Artists:
Rafael McMaster
Blakeley Hunter
Wendy Stillman
Alex Diffin
Drica Lobo
Sabrina Armitage
Jeni Bate
Janice Schultz
Amy Friedberg
Danny Gardner
Chris Taylor
Tom Delaney
Eric Michael
Emily Brantley
Daniel McMaster
Kayleen Lorellie
Sara Carli
Arlo Malovani
Zoe Stillman
Natalie Strong
Tasha McMaster
Michael Harrington
Maura Harrington
Rosy Travis
Hanni Bavaria
Curtis Maddox
Jeff Fieger
Jessica Hansen
Julio Zarate
Emma Maddox
Patty Hughes
Radha Mehta
Kerry Stitt
Matthew Welch
Monica Welch
Rosine Sorbom
Bob Mackie
Jean McCallister
Marie Cracknell
Brandy Johnston
Scott Slagerman
Jim Fishman
The Fourth Artist
Benjamin Stillman
Lisa Martin
Jon Thorntom
Niko Pope
Emilia Larsen
Diana Flynn
Dylan Delaney
Jean-Pierre Vertus
Jeff Poe
Christina Lembo
Jack Decker
Stephan Olivera
Andrew Ruano
David Ruano
Bridget Harrington
Jean McCallister
Maria Cracknell
Robin Lebowe
Pauline Gola
Paul Roustan
Naomi Roustan
Fiona Roustan

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